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Shutdown remote computer

to shutdown computer fron your home is to know their computer name or ip address.. first get their Ip address, i wrote a blog about how to get ip address, Check for it But let me give u a sneak... Continue Reading →


5 ways to get remote ip address of any computer

How to Hack into someones computer there are many ways you can hack someones computer but first follow these few steps to get their ip addresses 1) using an online website to get their ip address you can use a... Continue Reading →

Getting your friend's ip is simple, just follow this simple step. this post is short because i posted it using my phone sending links to fetch their ip for this method just goto whats their ip follow the instruction. they... Continue Reading →

Raisy Clutch : welcome

Hey, am Raisy Leonard O and this is my crazy blog site. I will show u alot of cool staff in Hacking and cracking Game Development in blender Web site development Electrical Engineering and Embedded Systems Science tips and technology... Continue Reading →

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