How to make blender 2.80 work on all PCs

The new blender version comes with a lot of interesting features that are mind blowing like the new real time rendering engine known as EVEE that renders in real time,
this doesnt come for free because you have to Buy or upgrade to a faster and stronger PC that has a compatible Graphics Card like the Nvidia Geforce GTX which is recommended, or maybe any Graphics card that supports OpenGL 3.3 like the Intel HD Graphics Family but still without Nvidia, Blender will run like a snail on your PC,

How to Fix Opengl Error

This is for those who want to use blender but have a low end PC or an outdated Graphics Card that needs to be upgraded, If you run blender, you might get the “Blender requires a Graphics Driver with atleast OpenGL 3.3 to run” error

Or maybe u might get the annoying “Blender Has Stopped Working” error so to fix it, all you need is to download an openGL Library that supports the latest features known as the MESA 3D library which makes any opengl app run on your PC, the opengl32.dll I have provided supports openGl 4.5 which is enough

Steps to follow

  • Download the Blender 2.80, 32 bit from the blender builder page
  • Download the MESA 3D OpenGL Library, 32 bit, 2.0MB from
  • Extract Contents and Copy the dll to the blender 2.80 folder,
  • Run blender
  • If blender fails, close it from the task manger and open again

Blender should show up like a charm, thanks to for compiling the library

NOTE: this DLL is for 32bit release only

I use Blender 2.80 on a Dual core pentuim 2GHZ with 2GB RAM and an Intel G41 Express Chipset as the Display Driver, funny right?


6 thoughts on “How to make blender 2.80 work on all PCs

  1. Thank you for posting this! Amazing! I will give it a try on my old laptop now! šŸ˜€
    I also have a windows 10 laptop that didnĀ“t want to run Blender 2.8. It just closed itself, now with this I hope it works!

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