How to create a 3D realistic Character Animation in any software

Movies like Moana, Big Hero 6, how to train your dragon, kingslave final fantasy and so many others have the most realistic character animations because of the features that am going to show. These are ways of how to make a realistic 3d animation without any lag or freeze frame like animation that sucks.

Am going to be brief and straight on my points so that you get what am trying to tell you.



These are the tools you will need to create a stunning animation in any software

Powerful Processing Devices both CPU and GPU are required to create animations. The recommended CPU should have more than 8 cores at least and a GPU of Nvidia Gefore GTX 650 minimum.


These are the Hardware requirements needed in detail


This is an affordable computer that you can buy and use for short animations. 360p here is a list

  • CPU: Intel Core i7-7820X Skylake-X 8-Core 3.6GHz, Intel I5-8700K 4-6 Core 3.6GHz.
  • RAM: 8-16GB
  • GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 650, 900 series, AMD Radeon


This computer will render your short animations faster 720p and better, but it will punish your wallet. Computer Store

  • CPU: Intel i7-8700K 6-12 Cores, Intel i9-7980XE 18 Cores. AMD Ryzen.
  • RAM: 16-32GB.
  • GPU: Nvidia Gefore GTX 1080 8GB

Highly recommended

An expensive computer that you will need for a complete HD 1080p animation. That you can build and customize. Check

  • CPU: intel Xenon Phi 7210, intel xenon E5, AMD threadriper
  • Cores: upto 128 Cores
  • RAM: 32GB – 128GB
  • GPU: Nvidia Gefore GTX 1080 11GB

Motion capture devices

They will capture every actors movement and map it on the armature of your character, this makes character animation, easier, faster and accurate so you don’t need to animate bone by bone, just wear the suit, dance and that’s it.

The best cheaper motion capture suit recommended is here

Wireless Motion capture suit

Facial Motion Capture

You will need a Head Mounted Camera System HMC for this, they can be found Here

This is the most important part in character animation because breaths life into 3D models and creates realism

Walking Dead

This captures the smile, and other facial features that are needed in an animation movie and maps them on the face of a 3D model, the face will do what you do on your face


3D Graphics and Animation Software

You will need a powerful 3D software like this one, its free and very simple to learn, but still this post is about any 3D software and these are the most recommended softwares

  1. Blender
  2. Maya
  3. 3Dsmax
  4. iClone
  5. Cinema 4D
  6. Motion Builder
  7. Modo
  8. Unity 3D
  9. Unreal Engine
  10. Your choice

another thing you will need is the best fastest and clean Render Engine. If you want the best click here

The best render engines are

  1. Octane
  2. Vray
  3. Redshift
  4. Arnold
  5. Cycles
  6. Evee
  7. Keyshot
  8. Maxwell
  9. Renderman
  10. Your choice

The most used are Vray, octane and arnold because they are fast and they give out realistic results. The most loved are Evee and Cycles because they are free more info here

If you have all this then a realistic animation is a piece of cake to make and this is what you need to do first.

First plan for everything, the environments, characters, voices, animations and others

This will make animating and compositing very easy,

You will need a huge pack of Texture and 3D models Pack like furniture, trees and so many others, u can find them here

You will need actors and actresses to breathe life into your characters

And you will need alot of help from your fellow 3D friends to help you Finnish your animations, you can check out my own made animations on youtube that i created using blender, on a low end PC.