How to detect and destroy viruses manually

Viruses are a pain in a neck, but never fear a virus because its just a program, it wont destroy your computer completely, it will just find a way to make you go angry, some people are so scared about computer viruses that they scan their PCs every day but that’s silly, its just a program man, chill


they are programmed by a human like you, some make viruses and their anti viruses to make money and some make them for hacking and some make them just for fun or to annoy you but don’t worry am here to tell you what OS viruses really are and how to identify and destroy them before they multiply and annoy you,


there is no need for you to have an anti virus whenever you have a PC because some Anti viruses slow down your PC because of real time protection, and some anti viruses detect false viruses, because of their algorithm, you will delete a useful software just because an anti virus said so, AntiV are programmed to check for hash signatures in executable files of the viruses in their database thats why they ask for updates all the time,
i recommend Quick Heal Anti virus or Kaspersky


their are many types of viruses, so many i wont be able to finish them all but i will just give you examples
that are easy to detect and kill

Rookit or trojan viruses embed themselves in exe files, whenever you run the exe it runs first and multiplies to all exe in your PC, hence making it sick,

Malware or worm viruses are just there to annoy you and slow down your PC, they make exe files in every folder u have or create shortcuts, once clicked runs again and slows down your PC or consumes your space, they change their icons to folders or something you cant expect, and run in processes that you are familiar with that makes you blind


Trojan viruses render your computer unprotected and unfirewalled making it easy for hackers to enter your system and do anything they want without you noticing a thing,

there are many types of viruses but am just going to talk about these three because they can be removed manually

let me tell you how viruses can be detected, they mostly store them selves in system32, startup registry key or folder and in removable drives, they hide them selves making them hidden from you, some copy them selves in an exe, if you are not sure about an exe open it with notepad and scroll down till u reach the bottom if you see “THIS PROGRAM CAN ONLY RUN IN DOS MODE” something like that, just notice the keywords DOS and RUN at the bottom not top then their is a virus in your exe, or you can just compare the sizes of the original file and the exe in your PC or notice change in its size

if you see a shortcut in your removable drive that’s a malware or spyware or worm, don’t click them keep reading and i will tell you how to remove them and recover your files
back at once

look into the Task manger and look for a suspicious or unknown processes like msn.exe, gphone.exe, runouce.exe, wscript.exe, and others as long as u don’t know about them, if you are not sure google them one by one


check the run keys and remove unwanted startup programs or use WhatInStartup utility from WhatInstartup to check for programs like wscript, runouce, or anything just leave the startup blank or files with just the programs u know


Emails with attachments of executable files should not be downloaded because most of them are viruses

most viruses are in DOS mode so be suspicious about DOS mode apps u run

Viruses are always hidden, any hidden program in your Removable drive is a virus, not all but most of them are


Any exe that has a folder icon is definitely a virus, put your folder view to details and you will be able to see folder with type as Application but its must to be Folder not Application

The best Anti virus i highly recommend is Quick Heal Antivirus, its the best because it doesn’t delete your exes, it just deletes viruses from them and if its an exe virus its deleted not like other anti viruses that deletes everything infected, u can also use Kaspersky, so useful

If your USB has shortcuts in it instead of your folders or files goto



or command prompt and type this
DEL G:/*.lnk
replace G with your drive letter and press Enter, wait for it to finish its job and after type this
ATTRIB -S -H -R /S /D G:/*.*
and wait for it, on complete goto your USB and you will see your files back or just scan using SMADV anti virus and will automatically do that, even USBFix does the same

Delete any .vbs files you don’t know on the root of your USB drive
Dont click any shortcut in your USB Drive for they will spread again and go back to startup again
to stop Vbscript viruses just run cmd and type in wscript, when the properties dialog popups up check the checkbox you see and set the seconds to 1, this stops scripts from running in your PC for more than a second,
for windows 8 users you have an advanced task manager that has startup viewer, process location viewer and more which gives you ability to remove some viruses or use whatInstartup to remove any suspicious startup program, when you open task manager and your seing what you think is a virus right click it and select Open file location, the delete it, if it pops up any error, first End its process then retry

Restrict system32 folder write permission from properties, so that programs wont be copied in that location because its where most viruses store their faces

Never run any js or vbs script you see on the root of your USB drive

When autorun windows appears on USB plugin, always open with folder not with any application
When you get an email with executable don’t run it on the first place, first scan it

Delete all exe files that have folder icons in your system or shortcut files that you didn’t create, shortcuts should be on the desktop not in your folders

in case you loose your files, download a recovering software, scan for deleted, formatted or partitioned files to continue the procedure of recovering your lost files

When your computer is so sick put all your files in another local Disk probably D: or E:  then install a new windows in the Local Disk C:
After scan all files with Quick Heal in the Local Disk D and after your computer will be back in one piece

Always create partitions in your PC like 3 Drives,, C: D: E: this will help in Data backup, scanning and recovering or even Dual OS booting

Always store your exe files in zip, or rar, or 7z archives, this stops dangerous and powerful viruses like runouce to copy themselves in your executables

Write protect your flash Drive when putting it in any PC, or first open task manager and End suspicious processes

Quick Heal Antivirus










And Others… because i dont know everything, u might be there having your own ways of playing with viruses


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