Best IDE for software development – android/ios/pc

When developing a software you need IDEs or Integrated Development Environment Applications that have Editors, Debuggers, Interpreters and Compilers that make programming your own software easy
i bring you 9 software that can achieve your dreams of developing amazing software that can be published on any platform, am going to talk about Android, windows and iOS,
Am going to focus on popular languages like C/C++, VB/VB.NET, JS/VBS and JAVA/ANDROID so lets the baby search begin


it has Microsoft vb, Microsoft c/c++, Microsoft c# IDE in one studio, and its used widely by many software developers especially Microsoft C/Cpp or C#, its even used for firmware development, it has a super AI editor with intellisense and autocomplete, so cool visit visual studio


its pretty old but hear me out, its the best software for beginners who want to develop software, its so fast and easy even a kid can learn it, uses basic or vbasic or vbscript for making software, its an object oriented software, used widely upto now by many developers, because all it needs are dlls to run but for, u need the Dot Net framework to run its files which sucks for real Microsoft Visual Basic 6


Xamarin is a plugin for Microsoft visual studio that makes android Dev possible in it, so goto microsoft now and get it


Android Studio is the official IDE for android appa Dev, its free, you don’t have to pay for anything, developed by Google inc for making android apps Xamarin


this was made using java, and still its a powerful IDE for every language as long as u get a plugin for it, it can compile android apps, jar apps, exe apps and so on, visit


for java developers, this is your mother because she has everything you need in developing java apps, c++, php and more, java is fast and widely used by many programmers visit their official site for downloading the netbeans



this is a bonus point, its not a fully developed IDE, but its an IDE made from scratch by you, js is simple, vbs is simpler, and HTML and css are simplest so why not make your software in these languages then compile them using hta compiler, yes
hta is HTML application that was made by Microsoft, runs under a process known as mshta.exe, its used for developing apps in HTML, u can use this to develop very cool graphical software from your web development experience, make dlls in vb then call them in js from hta which makes it fast and simple, i develop most of my personal apps in HTML, js, css, vb and hta as a wrapper, a bit tire sum but enjoying
, use vbsedit to compile your hta code written in HTML to exe

is an iOS development platform, that writes an compiles ios programmes written in objective c or others, you can visit their site

its for developing softwares in C or Cpp, mostly Console apps, its useful and simple with syntax highlighting, and more on thief website

Used also by so many companies, it compiles your software in a variety of languages, it has a cool interface but you need to install compilers for you to use it like GCC compiler, and more on their website

Those are the IDE software that are mostly used by powerful companies, because they intergrate almost any language, They publish in exe, jar, apk, hex, dll, ocx and so many others, but there are other IDEs that you enjoy, these are just the most used


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