How to learn any programming language fast

This goes to my fellow human beings who are interested in shortcuts like me because they are faster, reliable, simple and legal, yeah they are.
if you want to learn a language so fast that it will take you only 3days to get a hang of it, im here to share with you a life hack that makes programming so easy,
this is actually for scripting languages only, and object oriented not HTML or CSS, so lets begin with an intro

Every language has an input and output function and every language must have statements, variables or declarations, keywords, symbols and so on, remember this is a shortcut so im going to keep things as low as possible

You should at least have knowledge in a scripting language mostly JavaScript coz its the simplest, and found in any computer or OS no need to install compilers and whatever, so if you have nothing about programming in you, GET OUT OF THIS PLACE NOW, but if you are sure of your mind, YOU ARE WELCOME TO STAY

Hack it
To learn a language, visit their website and look at the syntax, at that time your brain will b dumb u wont get a thing, let me say u want to learn C which is hard and looks ugly for some people, first look at the syntax, see below

#include <stdio.h>
printf(“i look ugly, u cant fall inlove with me, says the language”);


class Helloclass {
public static void hello(){“am java”);


def hello()
print “hey, whats up”


sub main()
msgbox “hey”
sub main()

echo “hey,”
since u only know js and other languages but u wanna learn this faster, note the following
the symbols used
the functions used
the statements used
the end
that’s all you must look at, every language and most of them have these ( ), “”, { }, ; , =, #, +, &, @, and more as their symbols,

() means function declaration and must be followed by { } when created and () only when executing it

“” means string input and most of them be in () like (“”) for some languages

something that is not a string must not be put in these quotes “”

most languages end with this symbol ;

some declare their variables with $ dollar sign like PHP

but remember languages are different in syntax but the same in operation some only need function, def, public static void, int, sub and so on as their declarations bit definitely end with a function name and ()
Learn it
To learn it note the way it defines its strings or functions like
var hey, or var hey=”” or var hey=function\
int hey, int hey=”” or int hey=

Dim hey
hey=string in quotes “” or function

some languages use your custom variable declaration name like
hey=string in quotes”” or function without quotes

Remember variables matter, because they are used as a memory in programming, why am i telling you this, you know programming already, awwwww

next step is how it defines its function and how it runs it
c/c++, c#, js, php, jsp etc
function hey(){} runs as hey()

def hey() runs as hey()

java, c# etc
private static void hey() runs as hey()

Basic, vb, etc
Sub hey() or private sub hey() runs as hey or hey()

void hey() runs as hey()

int hey() runs as hey()

runs as, means how its executed after created see syntax above

How it Outputs

most languages use print, printin, write, writeline, echo, msgbox, alert, cout,

How it Inputs
most languages use input, inputbox, prompt, and more

Its Statements are so important, so know how the language u want defines its statements

C/C+ family

if expression = wareva
elif samething up

if exp=wareva then
after knowing the if statement, proceed with more statements like looping



and more,
but if you know the first steps then all you have to do is goto the index of the language, see all its functions and try them all out, as long as u know the variables, functions and statements, boooom
, everything will be easy


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