Best Programming Languages to learn now

A computer in simple terms, its an advanced calculator with many instruction, these instructions are done by the processor, they can be fetched from the memory then processed and executed through the Display in any other ways,

A programming language in divided into two, High level and low level, high level languages are simpler to learn and some how slower, but low level languages are fast and direct but difficult though you can learn with time,
A high level programming language is made from a low level programming language, most of them are from assembly or basic and these were made from machine code which exists in two forms 1 and 0s, only, that’s why they are converted to hexagon or hex to shorten them like in simple terms 00000000 is 0x00 in hex or 00 and 11111111 is 0xFF in hex or F or FF meaning 255 in decimal that’s where 8bit or byte stops

The instructions are converted by the compiler, a compiler changes the code to machine code or assembly to be executed, like when u type in add(5, 8); a compiler changes it to native, ADD 5, 8 then machine code might look like 01100000 1001 0001 all together 0110000010010001 in some cases its converted to hex, thats not the real machine code, that’s just an emulation or simulation for u to understand

so i bring you some of the best computer languages you must learn, A must yes compulsory, if you don’t know them you are an empty bucket


The mother of all languages, its not easy to learn because its almost like mathematics which is a pain in the ass for most of you out there bit u can learn with time, it varies with processor type, each processor with its own instructions, intel, AMD, and others, download the NASM to Get Started with this, its a language used to assemble or compile high level programming languages

  • section .text
    global _start
    ;must be declared for linker (ld)
    ;tell linker entry point
    mov edx,len
    ;message length
    mov ecx,msg
    ;message to write
    mov ebx,1 ;file descriptor (stdout)
    mov eax,4 ;system
    call number (sys_write)
    int 0x80 ;call kernel
    mov eax,1 ;system
    call number (sys_exit)
    int 0x80 ;call kernel
    section .data
    msg db ‘Hello, world!’,0xa ;our dear string
    len equ $ – msg ;length of our dear string


The father of all languages, he has contributes in the development of most computer languages, fast, reliable and simple for advanced but hard for beginners, u will scratch your head as if you have ticks in your hair used for Games, software and many more, its used to develop operating systems, powerful software, firmware code, programming languages and more
the most used IDE for this is visual Studio.



#include <stdio.h>
printf(“Hello World”);

public class Hello1
public static void Main()
(“Hello, World!”);

Visual Basic

its an object oriented programming language, so its good for designing window forms or graphical UI
was developed by Microsoft, used to develop microsoft operating systems, most of them, its so simple, and fast, i prefer vb6 because its universal, and simple but requires dot net framework which most people don’t have pre installed unless when using latest window versions like 10, its used to make Games, Software, website development, firmware dev and more

Module Hello

Sub Main()
MsgBox( “Hello, World!” ) ‘ Display
message on computer screen.
End Sub
End Module

Public Module main
‘ Main is the application’s entry
Sub Main()
‘ Write text to the console.
Console.WriteLine (“Hello World
using Visual Basic!”)
End Sub
End Module


Very simple, slow but powerful, used by 3D software developers because of its CGI support, this is not a must learn but its needed in some cases of motion capture and VR, very useful

def main():
print ‘Hello, world!’
if __name__ == ‘__main__’:



This is a must learn, yes it is, java is in every phone, except iOS but every operating system on your phone runs with help of java, and in that case android comes in, you can learn android or java ME and most websites made with javascript

public class HelloWorld {
public static void main ( String[] args) {
System .out . println (“Hello, World” );


For sure if you dont know these languages then you are an empty bucket, so simple to learn, used in every website, html for ui, css for design, js for engine and php for server side functions, wordpress uses php, Due to people who don’t sleep, someone invented visual editing and scripting making html useless to code but its always better to know what is happening behind the scenes while you resize and drag things around


alert(“Hello, its javascript”);
document.write(“Hello its javascript again”)

<h1> first page </h1>
echo “hello guys, its PHP”

those are the languages you must know, but there other langs out there like
objective c
and more…


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