Best 3D softwares to use in 2017

The Top Best 3D and 2D Graphics Software that makes photo realistic images that will blow your mind and leave u thinking How the Hell Did that happen, well its just Math my friend, Math
its all about playing with pixels, if you are to have these software then you must have a fast Computer i5 3.3GHz, 8GB RAM, and a Nvidia Gefore GTX GPU, with OpenGL3.2 and directx12 to use them perfectly without waiting for boring Rendering, or u can just have an i7 4.4GHz, with 32GB RAM…
so let me get started with my Favorite and commonly used

Blender 3D Software

its All in One software with everything u will ever want, post processing, modeling, painting, mocap, animation, motion tracking, camera tracking, and so much more its lite and simple to use, used in movies like spider man 3, Sintel 3D, Tears of steel, ita totally free, u don’t have to pay for anything, open source, freeware for more, its only 71MB setup but 400MB after install

Autodesk Maya

maya screenshot editor
maya rendered result

This baby is so popular every film uses it to make their 3D movies from Marvels, walt Disney, 20th cent fox to all other studios u know about, its supports modeling, animation, painting and so much more on their site with stunning.g graphics and simulations, its a commercial software, its totally not for beginners, u must have some 3D knowledge to use this software, Used in movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, so large in size 3GB setup etc autodesk maya

Autodesk 3dsmax


Its almost like Maya but a simpler version of it, supports real time rendering, and has powerful 3D modeling tools, used in Transformers as a modeling tool, u dont have to miss this, its a commercial software put it in your PC and Play with it till u get it, its 1.5GB Autodesk 3dsmax

Cinema 4D

c4d screenshot
c4d rendered

i don’t know where they got the 4 Dimensions from but it worked,its a commercial software, Developed by Maxon, this software was used in movies like Iron man, Oblivion and so many others with modeling animation, its 3GB but it goes well with a VFX software known as Adobe After Effects, C4D maxon

Houdini 3D

Developed by SideFX, its like cinema 4D, was used in movies like frozen, Rio, Dead Pool and many others, supports everything a 3D software does, its 675MB or more goto their site houdini 3d

Their are other powerful 3D software like Zbrush for modeling, AutoCAD, opensCAD, Lightwave 3D, Autodesk 123D, Sketch Up and others but i have listed the fathers of all these softwares, especially Blender which is growing up every year developed by many people and so free to use and lite


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