5 ways to get remote ip address of any computer

How to Hack into someones computer

there are many ways you can hack someones computer but first follow these few steps to get their ip addresses

1) using an online website to get their ip address

you can use a website like whats their ip this site asks you for your Email, enter it in and they will give u an unknown URL, send that URL to your victim and convince him that its interesting,
if the victim visits the URL then their ip will be mailed to u and their Geolocation,
let me say u got an ip like, that is their ip address – Congrats, IP traced

2) using facebook or any other chat messenger to trace the route of the message(IP)

this can be done on any platform like Android Devices or Computer as long as it has internet connection,

login to facebook, download an android terminal, its like 358KBs in size Click Here

open the terminal
type command

netstat -an

this will display the ip addresses that have established connection to your computer and the ones u hv established connection to.

check first and notice the ip addresses there and then login to facebook,
send message and wait for reply,
if the victim replies then type the command again and booooom,
u will notice a new ip on the list and copy it somewhere

Goto start > Run >> type CMD then minimize and login to facebook, send messge wait for reply and type the command on the CMD

netstat -an

and you will get a response of all connection established

3) use an IP scanner to scan open ports, ip addresses and Mac Addresses

download a software from google ip scanner
then click scan and it will give u all the ip addresses that are online judging from the range u gave it

4) hacking them using netbios cmd command tool

on windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, Visita, and 7 u can retrieve ip address of any person on your network or someone using the same network like in internet cafe,

goto CMD

net view

it will display all the computers names sharing your network


then type a new command

ping computername

Or u can use this command

tracert computername

it will show the computerz ip address and thats it, u have their ip address

next sesion will be about penetrating there computer using

Email: raisyokware@gmail.com


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